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We Provide Cloud Hosting Solution.

Cloud Hosting Solution in UAE

Amwaj NWD, as an ISO certified web hosting company in the UAE, offers cloud server hosting services and other hosting solutions. We provide reliable and secure cloud hosting options tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. With our cloud hosting services, organizations can leverage the benefits of scalable resources, flexibility, and accessibility provided by cloud computing.

By partnering with Amwaj NWD for cloud hosting, businesses can take advantage of their expertise in the field and enjoy efficient and effective hosting solutions. Our services are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications and workloads.


We are a dynamic and enthusiastic team of IT professionals who are dedicated to capturing your dreams and translating them into reality. Our passion for IT fuels our drive to deliver exceptional services in website development, web and mobile application development, digital marketing, and graphic design. Based in the United Arab Emirates, our team comprises talented individuals who share a common goal of providing top-notch IT solutions.

Our vision goes beyond mere service provision; we strive to be your ultimate IT partner. We aim to establish ourselves as your go-to source for all your IT needs, consistently surpassing boundaries to deliver the finest solutions. Our commitment is to promptly meet the requirements of our clients, offering them the best of our IT services without delay.

By choosing us as your IT mate, you can expect unrivaled expertise, innovative solutions, and unwavering support throughout your journey. We are excited to embark on this partnership, propelling your business to new heights through our comprehensive range of IT services.

we provide Cloud hosting SOLUTION

Yes, managed cloud hosting is indeed an ideal hosting solution for organizations that want to upscale their data and resource management by utilizing multiple servers. It involves sharing and accessing resources, including databases, hardware, and software tools, across a remote network through multiple servers located in another location.


  • =Cost Effective.
  • =Customer friendly payment mode.
  • =Option for a shared hosting plan.
  • =On demand automated services.

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